what a feelin!

So I'm upstairs, making beds (big surprise), when all of a sudden
What a feelin!
I run downstairs to see if someone has walked in my door with a transistor radio. Nothing. Back upstairs.
What a feelin!
What the heck? Run back downstairs to see if I can catch some little imp in the act. Nope. Record player still off. CD player off. Radio off. Maybe I'm going nuts. Back upstairs.
What a feelin!
This time I make it back down in time to zero in on the direction the sound is coming from. Aha! The middle of the living room. And then I see the musical greeting card I'd forgotten about, lying there. The wind flips it open.
What a feelin!


JF Jude said...


and the wind whispers...
...don't tarry

cba said...

I hope you were wearing the Pawnts.

Claudia said...

So far I have not worn those pants.
First of all, it it freezing here.
Secondly, I do not like Miller beer.
I am working up to wearing them.
Maybe back in NYC, with heat.

cba said...

Yes, well, Walmart USA does not sell Becks gym shorts.

Do they have Walmarts in Germany?

Claudia said...


neruda said...

great story about the card..gotta love it..the wind that is..