head 'em up

It looked like a moment of calm there for a second yesterday. J went back to her doggie and grandgirls, Peter left for work, the kids packed up the dog and the new car and headed back to reality. I paid the rent and started catching up on the NYT, which quoted one Dr. Taylor talking about delaying aging of the brain: “As adults we have these well-trodden paths in our synapses. We have to crack the cognitive egg and scramble it up." The article continues, "Continued brain development and a richer form of learning may require that you 'bump up against people and ideas' that are different."
Something came along this morning to scramble my plan of peace and quietude. So I guess I'll head off to Alabama in a couple days to bump up against some different people. It's ok. Calm is bad for my cognitive egg.


cba said...

Have boilers, will travel.

I'll bring a few for us to eat on the road.

Eggs, that is. Peanuts are out of season.

neruda said...

Move em out...keep them doggies rollin Rawhide....through the wind and weather we'll always stick together.....then what??? my eggs are way to scrambled to remember anything more....bon voyage lucky girl heading south...