3 am times 5

The dogs are a great big pain in the butt. There are five of them: Ellie Mae, Lucy, Kaya, Harley and Frasier. Each of them just wandered up starving through the Alabama woods one day and joined the gravy train. Now they feel entitled. Poor paunchy starving things.
The morning snack with cookies to sustain them until the big evening meal (5:00 and not a minute later—these dogs can tell time). The haring off after invisible prey with much baying. The pole cat smell one or two of them have, particularly when wet. None of this is particularly onerous.
But it has been quite cold in these parts lately (maybe you've noticed your orange juice prices climbing?) and thus the dogs want in a lot. And out. And in. Not so bad in the daytime. Last night, however, they all wanted in and out all the time. There is probably some kind of equation that could explain how this multiplies when there are five of them.

BTW for the fans who care: I will be in Alabama for at least another week.


Wolfen said...

I stayed awake with you all night, don't worry.

Also, aren't the dogs, like, not allowed in the house?

Claudia said...

Some dogs stay in the house—the old ones. Some usually don't. But in what you point out is the Wolf Moon and in this cold, they all want to come in sometimes.

New York Dog said...

another week! who is going to give me snacks and a proper 5:00 dinner? : )

Dianne said...

Whaddaya mean for the fans who care...we ALL care!

P.S. Don't know about Alabama, but in the Ozarks we gauge temperatures by how many dogs it takes to pile in bed with a person to keep him warm. So you've evidently been having 5 dog nights!

Erin said...

Just sleep with the bad ear up and stay that way. Bad dog. Grr.