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Hannah's Hideaway is almost booked out (Labor Day week still available), but Claudia's Surf City still has August availability. I asked the Real Estate Lady why she thought that might be, and she said people find it too rustic.
What has not been mentioned is that it is one of the few houses right on Crescent Beach—almost all rentals on the island require driving to the beach.
And rustic? With a deluxe en suite bathroom in the master bedroom and possibly the world's best outdoor shower, I'm not sure why that should be. Is it the lack of a television? Surely the enormous library and record collection should make up for that. Not to mention DSL. Is it the furniture? I upgraded that last year. No one seems to think (other than me) that a hot tub would help.
The consensus appears to be that what I need is sheet rock and interior trim. My dilemma is that before I do that, I need to switch out the windows, which will require reshingling and retrimming. And I should really redo the roof first.
"I really don't understand these people," says the RE Lady. "Why do they want to go on vacation to live exactly the way they do at home?"
There is a small cohort, mainly old money WASPs and foodies, that actually prefers a bit of rusticity and Chambers stoves, and in hopes of attracting these folks, I posted a Craigslist ad.
Meanwhile, tell your friends and family that there is a place on Block Island where they can retreat from mod cons and get to know one another again. And rent it by clicking on the Claudia's link at top right.


otra rubia con pelo canoso said...

Too rustic? CSC is heaven. I would love to rent it myself, for myself, and just read, sleep on the porch and eat fresh tuna.

By the by, you should post a shorter version of this entry on your facebook page.

DaDa said...

The real estate lady was wearing heels, stockings, and a three-piece knit outfit from Bergdorf's when she made that too rustic pronouncement.

Dianne said...

If you'll recall I, too, voted in favor of the hot tub.

Claudia said...

Only a couple weeks left now at CSC. It's January. Guess I should chill.

Claudia said...

If looking for a place on Block Island, check the links t top right for Claudia's and Hannah's rentals.

Claudia said...

And the VRBO listing I've linked to

Claudia said...

So much response I could double book for all of next year.

Anonymous said...
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