virtual new york

Wolfen and the Cub have moved to Providence, more or less, although they are coming in for another load of stuff today. (I'm not really sure how all that stuff fit into this apartment, but Wolfen should now understand why my eyes started out with horror upon my arrival home from the island.) Wolfen says that she is dealing with the move by staying indoors and pretending she is in Soho. Angelina thought maybe they should build a New York style shopping emporium. If they make the aisles narrow enough, the grocery store, for instance, would be a cinch. Wolfen could wear a blindfold with a virtual projection of her home town to get there. Maybe the Cub should drive. Although, once you get into a car you're not in New York any more unless you're trying to parallel park. Speaking of which, after four tow trucks and three car mechanics, their station wagon has been pronounced DOA. It did make to Mexico and back. I guess Providence put it over the top.


otra rubia said...

remember those wall-sized posters at ikea? the nyc skyline ones? she could paste them over her windows.

p.s. Ikea is having a sale. a SALE!

Claudia said...

That's how come we wdere there the day after Christmas. Not everything is on sale. Selected items.