"Dad, I got a job."


cba said...

With Azu International, I assume?

mr. li said...

This is indeed bad day. Is so that Danger Fleece Man, who has not dared to criss-cross swords with Li, has apple, which has not fallen from his tree?

Is there no end to host of Vamoires, werewulves and man bats who surround my Lady?

Woe is li. Oh, that this too, too sordid flesh would melt.

kyle li said...

That's rad flesh, Uncle Li. Then Romeo goes... "How totally bogus and wasted, dude, like this scene is."


courtni li said...

Perhaps, dear Uncle, is way to wombat these children of the night at baccarat.

Why not take store to ebay, and call new venture "Li-zu". Much wolfbane, also silver bullets and knives to be sold.

kyle li said...

As if, Sis! You are so Joanie. Take your vernacular tripendicular.

That's combat, not wombat. Also, the speak is "at their own game". Like, who cares about Burt Baccarat?

You could so listen to The Vandals.The Vandalls are rad, man. Have you heard "My Vamoire's Dead"?


dangerman said...

He starts today.