help wanted

Something bad is happening today. Friends are being fired. They are being fired because no one wants to read magazines anymore unless they are about Brittany Spears's twat. They are also being fired because corporate America divests itself of mid-level people over 40: They are not cost efficient. Such workers are loyal to a company that is not loyal to them, but they have put their adult lives into working at one place and don't know how to do anything else. What are all these people supposed to do? Open bed and breakfasts? Teach typing in public schools?
Sign on at Azu, Inc., the corporation that believes in loyalty! A company on the move, Azu has openings at all levels! Now hiring!


mr. li said...

At this thing, I am very good merchant.
Li can be selling any one things to persons of influence.

But alas, who will take care of Li's own house while Li become C.O.D. of this sugar concern?

Is puzzlement, oh Lady Fair.

courtni li said...

That's C.E.O., or C.O.O., or C.E.E., dear Uncle. C.O.D. is fish.

kyle li said...

No, man. Fish is a ******* rock group.

You dudes are so hapless.

Anonymous said...

It's not about not liking the medium or the content, it's about short attention span. You have to get (even buy!) a magazine, turn the pages, read, etc. It doesn't even read itself to you!