rose and thorns

Perhaps these roses are canaries? After the poison gas episode here in NYC this morning (see news on the web), two were drooping. They have not noticibly perked up since the smell and skies cleared, however.


cowgirl said...

Is this a coincidence? This morning Hazamat closed Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas after finding a mysterious 60 dead pigeons and grackles lying about the street. Poison seems the lead suspect.

Anonymous said...

What did it smell like to you? I've heard, "maple syrup", "old eggs", "natural gas" (which actually is odorless in pure form, but an unnatural compound is added to it to make it smell)?


Claudia said...

It smelled like I'd left the stove on, which is why I went to check that it was off as soon as I woke up, discovered that it wasn't the stove and headed for the windows to see if there was an oil truck outside.
BTW, Cowgirl, the Port od Miami was also closed because they found plastique explosive in cargo. If I were a conspiricist. . . (or knew how to spell?)

Claudia said...

Mercaptan, that's the name of the chemical added to natural gas to make it smell.