night mare

She was a beautiful dark steel gray, almost blue. I had purchased her, sight unseen, some months ago and never gone by the stables where she was being boarded. While I was in the area on another errand, I thought I'd stop by to see what she looked like. The place had maybe a hundred horses, but finally we found the mare I owned. An employee let her out of the paddock and she followed us like a playful—and rather large—dog. Now that I had seen her, I didn't want to put her back in the paddock. I wanted to put her in the back of the truck and take her home.

Note: After dreaming this I was sent this picture of the mare, Blueberry, owned by a Lakota friend, who says that dreams of horses are very powerful. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice story. Nice dream.

But we already knew that you were "powerful," CD!


Anonymous said...

See? See!!! And you always said you didn't even want a dog.

Ah, what a tail. Yours, that is, Babe.

Love ya. And I, for one, will come visit you in Louisiana and chat with you while you feed the animals.

Anonymous said...

great dream good vibes nice picture of a beaautiful horse...sounds pretty serendipitous to me...like wow man this is really cool and you are way in tune