This just in from SepticMaestro:
Claudia-You got approval from DEM. I'm amazed that there were no comments. Next we need to get the CRMC together with house footprint, location, and drain requirements. I'm out there next week to get the drain located.--SM

What this means:
I am going to be able to build a house! Maybe even start this spring! The Department of Environmental Management has long been a thorn in our sides at the commune--we live on a barrier beach and Island Bro has created a wetlands there (with lily pads, fish, ducks, marsh mallows, poison ivy and phragmites). Our Premises have been frequently under Investigation by DEM. We have gotten stop-work orders, orders to remove our houses, pond drainage complaints and etc.

And now this. Approval of the septic design. No changes neccessary. Approval. It has a beautiful sound.

On to the next hoops: Coastal Resources Management Commission, Historic District (are you reading this, Ms. Architect?), town, Buildings Official, etc. There are probably more. Still. . . approval! Check it out, baby.
They're gonna let me, they're really gonna let me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God is right! I 'spect de angels fights on' yo side, Miss Claudia.
I figured you'd be held up for at least a year. Well, Congratulations. Bebe

Claudia said...

This is what happens if you live right--I mean wrong.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Living wrong has its perks after all.