divorce, chinese-style

Ping is being sued for divorce by her husband who took up with a hooker while he was trying to start an internet portal in China. He spent all their money on it. Meanwhile, Ping was living in Massachussetts, putting their two boys through high school and then college. She learned to drive, got low-income housing and took a full-time job as a nanny and a part-time job working in a dry cleaners. She didn't hear from the guy for years. As she's scraping by, she hears that her husband is back in Florida with his parents. He wants a divorce, presumably so he can marry the hooker and bring her to the U.S. Chances are, all the woman wants is the green card and she will dump him as soon as she arrives, but that's not Ping's problem.
Ping wants a divorce, too, but she can't afford a lawyer. So when the case is to be heard, she flies down to Miami. She shows up in court to find that her husband's lawyer has just postponed the hearing. The judge feels sorry for Ping and tells her how to get the case dismissed and the venue changed to Massachussetts. And then the judge tells the husband's lawyer that he has to pay all Ping's expenses for the trip south.
Anybody know a lawyer in Massachussetts willing to work pro bono?

In other news: The bathroom is undamaged so far.

Google key words: misery, lawyer, legal aid, divorce, hooker, dry cleaners, nannies, desertion, poverty, green card, bathroom


desperado said...

hey Claudia with the Posh Floss, you'r prose does amaze thrill rivet me.Im a sucka for the way you tell the story. And each one of the ones you love are amazing. Like Mlle Ping. her real name has got enough of the bling. she rules cool. She is getting out of a no win situation. Stupid marriage with a mama's boy. She don't need him like she needs a extra hole in her nipple. It's not about misery. it's about getting fucking even. Paybacktime always comes. She's doing it. Thankfully in such a quiet resolute woman's way. My hat tips to Ping. right will beat wong...oops i mean wrong. I love humanity. its glorious, its showers us with perfumed petals off heavenly booganvilla bushes you know those purple flowers of passion that make you wet in the desert0 Claudia. I see you like that and love the road you're on. its a meal for five spicy senses.

give us more joyful links to connect with Ping's experience. Like Dumpshim...groovin, shakin the garbage out of the system, grinder, garbagegrinder (you know the kind in the kitchen sink) that's where Ping's deflated Pong's going...down down down. Hip Hip hooray!
Love you 4 eva baby!

Citichild said...

is it time to have a party yet??? i am ready for a party!!! it is not thanksgiving yet...or my birthday...i think we need to have a new excuse

Claudia said...

Aren't we having a graduation party in a little over a month?

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