hot child in the city

The Three's Company housewarming party, thrown by Citichild and her roomies—two straight women, one gay man—up in NoMan, aka Harlem, started off slowly at 9:30 pm. The place was polished, the guacamole plentiful (especially after a friend arrived with a whole other box of avacados) and the girls scarce. Frantic calls were going out to round up more females as male after male, including many a former boyfriend, arrived to be taunted by two hot but unavailable hostesses in miniskirts and low-cut tops. (There were those, of course, who were uninterested in the females except as fashion statements.) La Rubia and a friend showed up to gather in a corner with me, and we might even have had a chance had we not been 20 or 30 years older than most of the boys. As we left at pumpkin time, the downtown crowd of rockers and deviates was just arriving. I'm told the party rocked until 7:00 am at which point Cinderella Citichild grabbed an hour of sleep before mopping the floors.

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