ready for lent

Donna Ferrato presides as Fanny and Marianne chill.

Keri Pickett leads the way.
 What a week! Mardis Gras, Valentine's Day (and brother Ben's birthday), Katie's birthday, Chinese New Year, Fanny's birthday—the festivities go on and on. Marianne made Mardi Gras dinner (omg, the carrot soup!) at Donna's. Donna made purple gin cocktails. Keri and I drank them and went home to party til 2 ayem. The next day, VD, four of us went to Women's Day (Wednesdays, 10-2) at the old Lower East Side baths. I only wish  could have taken pictures there! Mud-covered people, fat people, skinny people, hipsters and oldsters of every color and nationality. Oak branch whips, steam rooms, saunas, aromatherapy, massage, salt scrubs, coffee scrubs and the coldest fucking heart-attack-city plunge pool I have ever experienced.
Valentine vendors decorate the streets.

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