kitchen diaries

I know most of you don't think I ever leave my kitchen (and, indeed, it's one of my favorite spots in the world and I have quite a bit of work right now and so am not leaving very much), but I do get out now and again. Rather a lot this week, in fact.
   On another note, I have not written about it, but a family friend, just 20 years old, was savagely killed by her boyfriend the week before last. I am mentioning it now, because donations are being made in Olivia's memory to the Equine Rescue Network. Here is an article about Olivia, and I urge you to contribute if you love people and horses. A reminder: domestic abuse is on ongoing danger, as Donna Ferrato writes in Time, and often a contributing factor to shootings like the one in Florida.
   A friend of mine from Life magazine days, David Cobb Craig, has been taking outrageous pictures of outrageous buildings (mostly midcentury modern type) for quite some while. Here is the back story.

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