here comes the sun

I was all ready for Key West—packed even—but the dibs weren't in tune.
 About this time of year my skin starts pining for the sun. My first thought was to go to Key West,  but that wasn't happening, so I made for the Rayz sun tan salon in Woonsocket, RI.
   Yes, I have heard that tanning is harmful for you but so is going insane from itching.
    I am not sure what business they are really in at this place. I only go there once or twice a year  but the guy knows me by name. I have never ever seen another human there, and it's hard to figure out a business model that allows for all those empty booths.
     So I got my tanning fix and came on home. And, behold, at 5ish yesterday afternoon, a strip of sunlight I have never seen before appeared and shone directly through the living room window and into the kitchen. Must be 98Henge. I will see if it ever does it again. Oh, and happy Fat Tuesday! That means spring is only, uh, like, a lifetime away.
An emporium that takes its tanning seriously. I think.

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