after the steak tartar

I was on the way home from from Tout Va Bien, the restaurant that used to be my haunt back before taxis had moon roofs. Or those damn TVs. I had lunch with Ed, who was my most frequent lunch companion back in the day when we'd walk over from the Time-Life Building.
  It is no longer the Time-Life Building, nor is there a Time-Life. That was a LifeTime ago, and people are dying off. Memorial services up the wazoo. Upcoming one for Bobbi Baker Burrows, the photo editor who refused to leave her office when she was fired (I forget by whom) and was subsequently rehired. An amazing feat. I am still in awe. I think maybe Bobbi was Time-Life.
   Anyway Ed was laid off, and I retired, but there we still were at Tout Va Bien 17 years later, still talking about the Russians, the CIA, China, corruption and people we both knew. And eating off the same damn menu.

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