quick trip

The Empire State Building appeared out of the fog as we entered the Lincoln Tunnel.
 I figured since I didn't go to Key West, I would go to Hoboken. (Surely the next best thing!) I had received the following from old LIFE pal Tommy V, a musician who puts together a pickup band on the second Sunday of every month:

Just in case it slipped your mind, this Sunday is the Second Sunday in February.
Which means of course that we’ll be getting together at the Turtle Club and making far too much noise for people of our ages and social positions.This will be the beginning of our second year and as much as I’d like to say “Oh gosh, where did the time go?” or “Boy, that year just flew by!” in actual fact the slow-motion agony of watching a big, fat child smashing everything he can get his chubby little hands on has seemed like a tortuous eternity. So let the Turtle Sessions act as a noisy Sunday night distraction.

And I did. A half dozen clams and a sterling outing by Gene the Plumber's daughter and a Spyro Gyra guitarist, not to mention the  best interstitial patter by TV and—bingo!

Tommy V and Jennifer after another successful evening. He had to break down the equipment.

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