you dropped da bomb

OK, Citydwellers, What are these things? No points for countryfolk.


otra rubia said...

Tiki torches on steroids? Whatever they are, they've gotten a new coat of black paint.

KK said...

Suburbanites and city dwellers use those for their gas grills too if they're what I think they are. Propane in a can.

Anonymous said...

Propane don't make you crazy
Propane don't make you lazy
But it ain't nobody's business
But your own

Ivy said...

I was going to guess propane as well. Nice stash.

Grrrill grrrl said...

We can tell who grew up in the burbs.
When a girl's gotta grill, a girl's gotta grill! And each house needs a spare.
@Otra Rubia You are so correct, but the color is kind of a taupe.