Ready for takeoff

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Catherine said...

One of the great pictures of all time.

Last night I had a long, drawn out and troubling dream.

In it, you all and my mother and Cate were going to Hawaii for two weeks, and I wasn't.

I think, however, now that I'm awake and take my mother and Cate out of the equation, the dream was really about the fact that most of my extra friends have gotten calls to be in the latest Clint Eastwood movie, and I haven't.


Well, have some turkey for me if they're serving it on the plane. And shake up a can of pop or two before you open it.

otra rubia said...

She's going to be a big hit in San Miguel.

Neruda said...

Yippie...her first jet? Hope you all have a wonderful four generation party..hasta la vista baby...