my apologies

Didn't post yesterday on account of there was the Weegee show I had to see before leaving town as I have to do a little story about him, then it was midtown ladies' lunch and home for the reuniting of Hannah's family of origin (ie Douglas and Hannah showed up at 98, Camilla in tow). Then there was the playground and what with one thing and another the day slipped away. As will tomorrow on the plane. Fair warning.
    If anyone has anything to say about Weegee, now's the time.


Rango said...


never met a shadow he didn't like,
or a snub-nosed, metal knuckled
end to a fight

'fast as the best
in your face with
big rest

'least we know
how nice,

not to die twice

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

is there a board involved?

Claudia said...

Apparently he started out as a "squeegee" guy in a darkroom outfit, but then changed it to Weegee, as in Ouija board, to boast of his uncanny ability to suss the stiffs.