the princess dream

It never really goes away. Whether it's royal- haired "Katy Perry" or your purple bedroom, or the tiara on your wedding gown, the princess thing just sticks around  until you have your own little heir to the throne. Or, like some girls, were more into being the prince.


j said...

And some little princes are into purple, too. Like Oscar, who has a purple collar and a purple leash and a purple tag. He's also very into the little princesses who live in the purple bedroom, but I'm not sure that counts.

P.S. to all you dog lovers out there--keep their little faces out of the open dishwasher. We spent a fun filled hour at pet emergency a few nights ago, with a very bloody but, as it turned out, not at all serious cut on his little tongue, after he tried to help out by licking clean the knives and forks therein.

A royal pain in the ass.

Claudia said...

Oh dear. Poor little thang. How can you stitch up a tongue??