words of wisdom

There has been rather a lot about the Duchess of Devonshire in the paper lately due to her autobiography about growing up as one of the Mitford sisters, Wait For Me. That's Deborah, the current Dowager Duchess of 90, not Georgiana, the one who died in the early 1800s.
   "Debo" stayed married for 62 years, despite the Duke's infidelities and alcoholism. “It was absolutely fixed that we shouldn’t divorce or get rid of each other in any way,” she says. “It’s completely different to Americans, who all divorce each other the whole time. Such a bore for everyone, having to say who’s going to have the dogs, who’s going to have the photograph books.”     


Phill said...

Thinking you should have adopted this policy instead of the '17 year rule'?

Claudia said...

It wasn't a rule—it was rather an observation.