snow report

My niece sends in this pic of my truck "hibernating" in Holliston, Mass. for the winter.
 My sister sends in this pic of her yard, "Thought you might like to see how deep the snow is. This is a tree. You know, with a trunk. Like that."
 Somebody sent in this picture of my daughter's back steps. It looks like somebody shoveled them, too, because I received this picture at 7:58 am and I know for a fact that my daughter doesn't get up until 11:00.
Kathleen sends in this picture taken out our window. Yes, we got snow in New York, too. Nineteen inches. I have to get dressed and get out there to look at it. No pressure on me to shovel.

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Highway Bo said...

SnowFlk 150

heap up the truck
load it with white
a payload enough
to beat winter’s plight