abidin' of the fields

It's a new moon now, the holidays are over, and, chillin' on the fruitcake and beer, I've half-lost the weight I gained on New Year's Eve with the gang. It's another year of reality at the gym, the doctor, dentist and optometrist. And, of course, taxes and snow. Nothing like January and February, armpit of the year. Let's all go to New Zealand.
What is your favorite month?


JF Jude said...

by the light of the month

I’ll take it by the month
one by one is fine
I’ve had a whole bunch
and most have been kind

[all the time]

Anonymous said...

When the icicles start, the young girl's fancy lightly turns toward thoughts of... Casa Maria.

neruda said...

this is an awesome photo...gotta love the farmers xmas lights... once saw a tractor parked in a field out lined with the lights....really cool...and the moon was full? and the flash lit up a corner of the field?