keep on rockin'

photo and stratocaster by Kathleen Mock


cba said...

Exceedingly cool.

I can see everyone is speechless.

CJH said...

Since I have known you not so long......I am intrigued as to the date of this photo which reveals yet another facet of my multi-faceted friend. The sewing machine and seamstress capability was a delightful revelation of last year...NOW........the
Rockster!!?? Tell me more,please.

Perhaps 2011 will be the year we can peek into Claudia's vintage clothing closet. Yes?

I loved the photo on Hannah's 1/1/11 page with you holding her.
Perfect pic.

Claudia said...

I am happy to say that the date of this photo is 2011, probably the very first day of this year.
The Clothing Museum. Hmm. I may need to photograph the items separately, and most of them are in Block Island.

CJH said...

2011??? Well, if this is Claudia and I am thinking yes.......then you appear ageless...not bad at all, says me. And just after the big 60 celebration!
So the arms, hands, hairsstyle(unchanged), big glasses or so it appears from this shot(as in the aforementioned Hannah picture)...none show the true age. Since I don't know the surrounding room in the pic, I couldn't date it that way . Not guitar savvy enough to date it by the instrument, if that is a possiblilty.
I was thinking 1970s.
Way to go..Keep on rocking!

Claudia said...

The chins and gut don't show at this angle. . .