Certain family members made me buy qwikpix in the lootery the other night at zero hour. It goes without saying that the plans I had to share the largess with the aforementioned family members and various penurious friends (yes, I mean you!) did not come to fruition.
What single indulgence would you grant yourself had you just won the megamillionz?


neruda said...

well let's start by paying the bills then eh? we can move on to the wonderful fun of giving it all away after that...I bought 5 tickets and didn't get a single power ball....42? why would I have picked this number? next time...

cba said...

I'd pay the bills first, too.

I bought 6 tickets.

The high stakes have brought lotto to the white collar world.

What would I do after I pay all my debts?

Breathe a sigh of relief and watch a few crime shows to relax.

Anonymous said...

I di the office pool. 132 chances. We won 7 dollars