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photo by Kathleen Mock
I was told that the granny makes the stockings. OK then. In the interim (of many years) since I last crocheted or knitted, I had forgotten how dismissive the owners of yarn stores  are. You would think they would be warm and fuzzy, but no. I don't know whether they don't like strangers, or crocheters or whether it's me, but you have to practically plead with them to bring their noses down to your level and sell you anything. Merry Christmas to you too, KnittyCity!


ex Jersey Guy said...

Crow Chez

There are a thousand stories in The Knitty City.

Not many know about the ancient saleswoman who was, if fact, so surly that they changed the name of the technique (French origin) from Sew Chez to Crow Chez.

The Americanized form simply became "crochet."

Yes, I am posting this anonymously--knitting needles can be deadly.

cba said...

Well, the bright side is you can now say:

You're snitting a sweater.

You're too busy to do x, y, or z because you're having a snit fit.

Or, why don't you just snit up your brows and say to those crabby ladies:

"I think knitting is stupid." That'll get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Nice sock. You can probably hang it on the Fourth of July as well

JF Jude said...

Why I Love Knitting
by JF Jude

Seeing someone
Is like watching
lay brick

fleece, piece, and peace
click click
schlick schlick (brick)
be the cause of it