OK, so you read yesterday where I was resigned to the absence of certain parties due to infirmity and deadlines.
   Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find—omigawd! My progenitor and my wicked stepmother, who specifically said they could not travel. It proves that my daughter and my sister had also been keeping this news from me. Which does explain, in retrospect certain unusual behaviors. . .
    Talk about a birthday surprise!


Johnny 4-Speed said...

the roll

they ride mostly at night
‘called the “no-see-ums”
throttle jammed tight
never heard of per diems

the long road’s taken
by cutting the distance
when one ain’t awaken
the other is persistent

if the watch gets clicked
scratch in one fast run
it’s a party-time wish
they roll for the fun

cba said...

How super cool is this. The best thing ever.

D.R. said...

Wow, what a great birthday present. Guess I'll return the socks I got you. LOL.