let it snow

Haven't been out sledding—yet another cold—but can't think of a better place to be snowed in (except possibly New York City) than Main Street, Woonsocket. Apparently the wind blew 80 mph on Block Island last night and took out the power, leaving  lot of people shivering (oil furnaces need electricity too) and the road I live on eaten away in front of the Beachhead. I daresay a lot of people who didn't drain their pipes in the fall will be wishing they had. Missouri probably got hit, too.
   Meanwhile, we're hunkered down, nursing our colds, a pot of stew on the stove and leftover Christmas treats and a baby to play with.  What could be bad?


CJH said...

Sounds perfect! I must mention that I think the baby girl looks very much like her Grandmother.
I agree with neruda.

Down South, we have the leftover treats ,ham soup/cornbread and our New York son . Snow is melting now . Our temp is currently 37.

Stay snug and warm!

Claudia said...

Wish I had some of your ham soup now!