they gather

The young ones and the old ones. The spry and the halt. The beautiful and the—wait! They're all beautiful! And we'll be gathering in all our great beauty and diversity tomorrow to celebrate our mutual exploration of life. L'chaim!


cba said...

No comments?? No comments!!

Well. I didn't gather. Because all of my consignors were gathering here, at Catherine Andrews Ltd., on the very day, to pick up their merchandise.

Even as The Explorer's Club was gearing up for the Great Celebration, expensive English sideboards and French candleabras were being carried to trucks waiting outside my doors.

Adieu, Catherine Andrews Ltd.

Bien Venu, Sixtieth Decade of My Most Dear Friend.

There are no words to adequately describe my love for you.

cba said...

Or maybe that's sixth decade.

I think.

Claudia said...

I'm now in my seventh decade. . .
Love you. Missed you.