I loved the census statistics put into map form in the New York Times yesterday. It seems that I live in one of the richest neighborhoods and one of the poorest in the country, both very white. Here is some of what I learned about Oregon County in Missouri.
people making over $200,000 a year:      1%
people making under $30,000  a year:   57%
people with a college degree  or higher:  3%
people of color:                                         0%
Unmarried single sex couples                   1%
medium monthly rent:                          $394
Unfortunately, no correlation was made about the number of meth labs in any given area. If you would like to watch the numbers crunch about your part of the USA, check out the census data link .


J said...

These maps are amazing!! Check out area code 38930: the Mississippi Delta! In case anyone was not clear on why it's the birthplace of the Blues.

Claudia said...

Hmm. Just 200 miles south of T'ville.

The Biologist said...

Interesting. Our racial figures are just like yours, ditto income figures, but we have 79% H.S. grads, and 5% MS or higher! At last, the schooling of our little group of friends is totted up!

Also no data on firearms or quality of schools or on median taxes.

Thanks for the heads up.