this year's thanksgiving lineup

Female: 11
Male: 6
Males under three: 2
Sets of twins: 1
LBGT: (that I know of) 2
Psychiatrists: 1
Under 25: 6
Big media employees: 2
Female car mechanics: 1
Chinese-Americans: 1
Latinas; 1
Gasner/Dowling clan members: 7
Aliens: 1
Parents: 6
Blonds: 6
Strangers: 1
Native Americans: 0 (though a possibility for next year)

We still don't know about the toilet seat mosaic artist or the high school friends.


cba said...

You told me this was going to be an all womens Thanksgiving. If I had know there were going to be mens there, I might have come.

Since, however, I am not going to be there, I'll contribute a "Why I Love Life in the South" story.

As you know, my house is right downtown, and it abuts the historic cemetery. In fact, to leave the house in a car, one has to drive through the cemetery.
As I rolled out of the back yard this afternoon, I passed a very elegantly dressed older lady standing near the graveyard gates . She was carrying a broom, and was clearly distressed.
I stopped, and she said, clasping her heart.. "Are those gunshots I hear?"

"Why yes, ma'am", I answered. "That's Reverend Smith. He's shooting squirrels. But don't worry.. he's a crack shot, and he just shoots straight up into the trees."

I, too, have a permit to shoot squirrels on my property. In the center of town. The Rev uses a 22 long, I think. But I use a 9mm semi- automatic. When fox urine doesn't work, that is.

cba said...

I might add that beautifying the Graves of the Glorious Dead is a serious pastime here.

The lady in question was attempting to beautify. She decided, however, to "come back another day".

Squirrels 1, Glorious Dead 0.