house proud

If you could only see what the other half of the room looks like, you would understand photography as illusion much better. Let's just say it is not floored.


Wolfen said...

WoW. I make floor and floor make house.

angelina jolie said...

And again...I have to make a meeting. This is too gorgeous.

It looks almost as good as the Habitat houses my hubby helped build.

By the way..when Brad was building them, he was only wearing his tool belt.

neruda said...

that must have been quite the sight...just the tool belt eh? this looks like some kind of architectual digest thing going on here...even the paper towel holder is like a design or something..yippie!!!

otra rubia said...

check it; it's free:


Claudia said...

I have a refrigerator (see above) what I need is a stove!