point b to point a

Yes, folks, it's time for that semi annual game once again of
It's harder this year because--yes--it's been raining, so everything is in garbage bags.
Still, I am sure there are things you could guess right--and some things you would never ever expect to find being carted from the island to New York City.
So, let's play WHAT'S IN THE TRUCK?

5 points for each correct answer
10 points for answers that should be correct
15 points for outrageous answers

Employees of Claudia's Surf City not permitted
Prizes to be announced


cba said...

You have a nice storage box. Aluminum, I assume. I nearly bought one last night, but I was torn between the black and the silver finishes. Not to mention the split lids, the low profiles, and the custom boxes that fit in with no overlaps.

But the tie breaker was they have to drill the new bedliner. And maybe the pristine rails of the truck.

I couldn't do it.

What's in my truck right now? Some cat food, two winter coats and a Sig Sauer SP2202.

My guess is you have some of the usual. An airconditioner, and a few chairs, some power tools. Mais oui, cheri?

Anonymous said...

I am going with Jimmy Hoffa and beer.

cba said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention. Also in my truck are a Winchester lever-action 32 special and a Sedgley 30-06.

I know you're impressed. But don't worry. The Sig's a gift, and I won't bring the rifles to New York.

DaDa said...

a very ripe banana

Wolfen said...

Yes, probably a whole bunch of smelly rotten bananas, And condiments.

a certain mother said...

I know you WON'T have lipstick or a pantygirdle, much to my disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Orange-color coffee cups, perhaps?


cowgirl said...

Laptop, tools, how-to books, other books, coffee-maker, camera,underwear, water, phone - that's about it!