and the winner is. . .

OK, thanks for playing WHAT'S IN THE TRUCK?
As you can see, DaDa was correct about the banana. Actually, there were two bananas at the beginning of the trip and one and a half by the end, seen here. So that's 5 points for being right and a bonus of 5 points for being first.
Dada 10
Wolfen, too, scored on the banana issue, for 5 points. She gets an additional 5 for condiments, though she might have specified four different types of wasabi, two boxes of sea salt from France, a bottle of ketchup and several mustards.
Wolfen 10
CBA, hmm. She was right about the power tools (though actually it was just one screw gun and the girlie set of manual tools my sister gave me last Christmas) for 5 points. And I probably SHOULD have had an air conditioner and a few chairs, though I didn't, for 20 points. But CBA loses points because the question was not what was in HER truck (which she only bought because she was jealous of me) but what was in MY truck! And that is so outrageous that she loses 15 big ones.
CBA 10.
Dangerman was right about the beer for 5 points, but he had something of CBA's problem about Jimmy Hoffa in that I suspect he simply wished that I had Hoffa in my truck so that he could find the body and put it all over Fox News. Doesn't he understand that this question is about me, not about him? So I'll give him 5 for trying.
Dangerman 10
Certain Mother is wrong on one point. I DID have a lipstick, and a pretty fancy one that Desperado bought me at Jeffrey's in the Meat Market for going on TV. As for the girdle, that's outrageous. She get's 15 points for that suggestion, minus 5 for being WRONG WRONG WRONG about the lipstick.
Certain Mother 10
DR was right, I SHOULD have had those darned tomato-soup coffee cups. But I didn't have room when I finished loading 50 white dinner plates and 50 place settings of cheesy Ikea silverware, along with 15 wine glasses and 16 strands of fairy lights for that next big party. And BTW, DR, did you notice your vase in the tricked-out kitchen of the new place?
DR 10
Cowgirl. This girl was playing for real! Laptop 5. Tools 5. How-to books? Ixnay. I have very little left to do. Other books (a copy of The Marriage of Zones Three, Four and Five by Doris Lessing among them)5. Coffee maker? Nope. I had the last pound of Zabar's coffee, but at last count I owned two Chemex coffee pots, two electric setups and a Melita or two, so I don't travel with em. Camera, check, for 5. Underwear 5. Water 5 (you can see it in the Ozarka bottle above). Phone 5. deducting 10 points for the how-to book and the coffee maker, that still leaves Cowgirl the rodeo queen.
Cowgirl 25! Yippie ty yi!

None of y'all guessed the koa wood ukulele, the ham knife, the brass platter on permanent loan from 4th floor Web Guy, the bushel of apples, potatoes and onions, the cooler full of frozen foodstuffs including a lot of veggie burgers, the two pumpkins and the box of things to return to Home Depot, but hey, thanks for playing WHAT'S IN THE TRUCK? I look forward to your suggestions next year.

Oh, the prize. The prize for the 6 runners up, with 10 points apiece, is being able to stay in the New York apartment. Preferably NOT ALL AT ONCE. And the prize for Cowgirl? She gets to stay a whole lot longer!


angelina cba jolie said...

I am NOT jealous of you. True, you had the first Rolex in the extended family. True, you were the first to get married. And the first to get divorced. True, you had the first portable computer. True, you had the first truck.

And, o.k., I admit you are the rock around which everyone you know revolves. And you make a wicked boiled egg.

But I have Brad.

Anonymous said...

Being a bit of the cautious type, I'd like to believe that there are also NEW brakes in that truck!

Have a safe trip; see you soon in the Apple or on the Jersey Shore!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Gotta love Cowgirl. She was always good at packing and she always has liptstick too!


cowgirl said...

Hey, this is great! I'm checking my calendar for the winter months - will phone for availability first.

mr. li said...

Who is this girl that is loving cows? Li has always like concept of docile milking maid.

Please to ask Cow Lady to send picture to Li. Li have very nice place stay New York also.

Claudia said...

Mr Li: Please to keep your zhang shouze off of Cowgirl. She is already married. Also, she is not very docile. In fact, she would likely sizzle your rice.

Claudia said...

Omigosh I forgot that I also brought back the top tier of a wedding cake--frozen.

mr. li said...

This is way that Lady tells Li all hopes of bliss are cryogenicized?

Is famous English royalty song Buckingham Palace go like so, speaks to Li of this concept:

"Life give me you, the cake was made.
You are not happy, but what is love?
If you go New York, I meet you there.
Look down below, search all above.
Cry out to Lady for a Frozen Love."

Li pray to Buddah in the igloo.

courtni li said...

Is Buckingham Nicks, and no mention of cake, dear Uncle.

Too much sake time.

a certain mother said...

I'm only a subway ride away but I will be spending my stay-at-Claudia's-for-free gift certificate. Or can I trade it in for a lift to Ikea?

Desperado said...

Cake...more cake? Maybe you ready for more lipstick too? one thing for sure, always you got a banana in the picture ... secret of longevity?