godzilla invades fjord

OK. So it's raining, and polyurethane takes longer to dry.


Anonymous said...

This post is not only puzzle, is great puzzlement to Li. Does Beloved seek to mock or praise defining aspect of popular Japanese culture?

Perhaps inspire this is song referring to "Pretty women walking with gorillas down street", as name Godzilla is finding origin in maternal tounge: Gorira Kujira = gorilla\ whale = Gozilla.

Is Li to hope Claudia-san dreams of ravaging by Oriental atomic ape-man?

Is more better than nameless carpenters at dump.

Anonymous said...

all I want to know is did you put this puzzle together on one rainy day and if so did any one help you? this looks kinda like a baby godzilla is that right?

Claudia said...

Well, actually, it was a thousand-piecer and Wolfen and the Cub and I did it over maybe three days. I was trying to make them jealous by showing them the final, as they had left a day earlier. They may need to attend Jeal-Anon now.