now what?

Faithful readers, I know I've been boring you lately.
There is the post-construction slump, the post-wedding slump and, perhaps most importantly, the this-island-is-too small factor which has led me deeper into vanilla prose and prosaic photography. I know you need a little hot sauce.
So what do you want?
Nude pictures?
More pet photos?
A return to the ascerbic?
Intimate details about the lives of people you may or may not know? Intimate details of your own lives?
Pictures of La Rubia's construction site?
A guide to feng shui?
The latest on the internet affair with the MTF Lakota?
The most recent installment in that continuing family saga, "East of Westchester"?
What's going on in Oaxaca?
The sociology of blended families?
Dangerman's latest health report?
Yesterday's beer count?
Or I could just pass my remaining days with the specific goal of not boring you and report the truth.
My life is in your hands, dear readers. Do you ever wonder whether your participation in this blog is just a little, shall we say, passive?


Anonymous said...

It's always fun to check in to your reality show, CD! Some days are more interesting than others, but same goes for everyone's life. I guess it's that voyeur feeling that keeps me coming back to check on you....

How about a marathon photo?


cba said...

Where's today's picture?

I'm, like, you're giving us too many choices.

Plus, I don't understand how 100-some-odd bottles of beer, several food entries, two cups of coffee and three glasses of red wine could add up to only $300. In mid-town.

Maybe you paid up half-way through the afternoon and just don't remember it.

It's pretty boring down here in Georgia, by comparison.

Not an intervention in sight.

j said...

Is this, like, invasion of the body snatchers? Claudia could not possibly have given us this list of topics. The real Claudia would have picked a topic and told us what to think about it. The real Claudia would not expect us to think for ourselves.

cba said...

She's been on the Block too long.

True, she went to New York for three days, but it didn't fix her.

And you should know, she's been thinking of buying a pig.
Personally, I think she needs a nice Chihuahua.

Her mother thinks a that a girdle, some make-up and a man will do it.

But you know what? It all has to do with her current identity crisis. It's hard for a single girl to give up interviewing sex-fiends, U.S. Presidents and movie stars in favor of counting linens and cleaning bathrooms.

That'll be six beds (two twins, two doubles, a queen and a king), and six toilets in 2007, by my count.

Claudia said...

one double and two kings

Anonymous said...

I found the perfect chichuaha and greyhound mix! It even comes with clothes! Well, xmas is right around the corner....and her bday comes first! Whaddya say folks?

PhilL said...

Blog a saga. Any saga.

neruda said...

I vote for the truth.....cause I know it will hurt but then it will set me free..ain't that the truth honey? tell it like it is now and your faithful readers will be here for you through the thick and the thin of all that dog walkin and sheet foldin and floor nailin and your life will not be in our hands but we will all be together in this blog they call life reading and writing talking and listening ready for the next exciting adventure and don't worry about what topic we want just keep movin forward and we will follow