Brother. This house-prepping stuff sucks. Shelves. Dishes. Refrigerator. Laundry. Dishwasher. Laundry. Wastebaskets. Laundry. Mad rush cleaning, then cleaning up again after cleaning. Then visits from the infantry to disarrange what has been arranged. I'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight so as not to have to make beds at 6 ayem.
The remaining list: sink, coffee grinder, freezer, wastebasket, couch, papaer towels, dishwasher, washing machine, window sills, flowers, trash, flies.
Oh well. As long as the weather is good the renters will be happy.
The weather doesn't look so good.
Uh oh.


otra rubia said...

Not to worry. Even bad weather is good weather in Block Island.

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