Still haven't painted the railings. But I did make a half-assed door for the outdoor shower. I figured what with BI Bro & family moving in next door, a little more privacy might be desirable (for my tenants--a confirmed nudist, I don't care). So I took some redwood left over from the porch building a couple years ago and made this arrangement of slats, put on some hinges and hung it. It was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. I made the door so that it would flatten inside the shower when someone like me didn't really want to use it. Unfortunately, that means you have to squeeze yourself in a corner under the faucet to close it, a problem I had not foreseen. Hefty types will have to shower en plein air.


angelina jolie said...

Don't neglect to mention it took a whole lot of cursing to get that door assembled. And it took damn near the whole day before you figured out that the reason the screws were repeatedly off-center was that the drill head was systematically stripping them as it drove them. All this said, the door blocks, mercifully enough, not only the view of our aging hotbods, but the incessant wind. Way to go, you old lumberjack, you.

oceangurl said...

It did take longer then expected to build, but where else would you see a beer drinking bikini wearing blond wielding a power tool?
Style and panache always wins over method and time in my book.

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