blocks of wood and writers

I wonder if experienced carpenters pause superstitiously before they cut into a virgin board, questioning whether they've retained their skill and thinking that if that the first cut goes awry so will the rest of the project.
As a writer, I know that the whole of a story flows from the first sentence (my personal favorite from my personal oeuvre, about the Andes cannibals: "They ate them.") and if you change that sentence, the story changes. But I also know, due to experience, that I can make any number of different stories work. So I never have that clutching fear known as writer's block.
But faced with an actual block of wood, it's a different matter. I have to cut my way through with a deep breath, the right outfit (a bikini just won't work for me) and a kick-ass attitude. Perhaps more confidence will come with experience. Or wood to burn.

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Anonymous said...

Lose that virginity, baby. If you don't do it right the first time, there's always another "piece" of wood waiting for you....
And what is with those saw ads? I never realized there were so many different types: gas push, electric push, pnuematic push, gas prpolled, diesel proplled, electric propelled and on and on and on...My favorite: the gas crack saw