ping makes hay

"I don't understand. What is hay?" Grass that is cut and dried a bit, I explained.
 "But what do they use for?"
"For food. For the cows and horses."
"Oh, I see. During the wintertime."
We saw Dianne's handiwork—hay cut, raked, baled and stored under cover.
 Ping was fascinated.

 Frank took Ping out into a field to visit a few mares and their foals. She fed them Range Cubes from the mule and somehow avoided getting chiggers.
 Then we headed to barn, where Dianne instructed her in the fine art of forking up hay to feed the stabled animals, like the stallion and those horses to be trained.
And as the sun came down on the farm, Ping had the best experience—bottle-feeding a calf whose mother has no milk. She loved it. Though she  said, "Before I feed the baby cow, she follow me everywhere. When milk all gone, she run away."
   It was a delightful day for her.
   Nonetheless, she says, "I never visit the countryside any more. Let my friend come to Boston, okay."

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Debby said...

Looks like Changping had at good time at Frank and Diane's. I'm so glad that this was a good day. Next stop Memphis.