ping does graceland

 We  made it! After all the tsouris, we arrived at the home of Elvis Presley, aka the King. Ping idolized him when she was young, collecting pictures and magazines. "He was so handsome," she sighs.
  After Hounddog when I was about eight, I wasn't really aware of the singer until the Las Vegas Elvis appeared in glittering full-throttle Liberace, so the romance eluded me. I had been to Graceland before and needed no refresher course on his execrable taste.
  But Ping's enthusiasm carried me through the three hours of touring with all-white and mostly overweight fans guided by an all-black Graceland staff.
  Ping and I were 27 and 28 when Elvis died of a heart attack brought on by barbituate addiction while on the toilet. As far as I know this was was not mentioned on the iPad tour (available in many languages including Chinese), but I wouldn't know because I never donned my headphones.
   Changping avoided his grave—bad luck, as she explained. As we finished touring his airplanes and headed to the gigantic parking lot, crammed with cars and buses, she sighed. "Elvis, my lover. I still miss you." And she added, "I hope I dream lof him tonight."


Debby said...

I'm glad Graceland didn't disappoint Changping. You are a very good friend to go there with her.

CBA said...

My heart is with you and Elvis Changping. He was the Best.
Glad you got the classic pics. Kudos's to Claudia. XXXX B

CBA said...

OK.. Claude. Are we going to add Elvis to the list of "Things We Do Not Discuss." ? it seems to get larger every year. First it was only "guns and religion " Then it was "guns, religion and colloidal silver." Now if you want to start bashing The King.. better pray I don't use my empty bottles of You-Know-What for target practice when I go to the range over in Romney next time I visit Missouri.

You know.. Elvis carried a very heavy burden. Ok.. so he was a drug addict. Guess who introduced him to drugs for the Very First Time?" The U.S. Military. His drill sergeant in Germany handed him some white pills and said "Here.. take these.. they'll improve your performance."

I'm sure It's hard to have one of the three most recognizable names in the world. You have your Jesus, your Elvis and and your Coca Cola... and not necessarily in that order. Millions still turn to him to fill their empty hearts. It's a sad thing he could not fill his own, and turned, as do so many, famous and nameless alike, to drugs.

Lets not dwell on how he exited the life that overwhelmed him. Let's thank him for the joy he brought us and the music that no one else has ever come close to equalling.

DaDa said...

Disney World with me and Simon next?