ping is entertained

 I wanted Ping to meet my friends so that she would understand why I like it here in the godforsaken Ozarks. We went out for pizza and beer with Bill at a new brewery.
 David, a notable chef and oenophile, wined and dined us at his house.

We reciprocated  with a pick-pick lunch at the Goose. Ping made a beautiful asparagus and cucumbers with ham. We also had roast chicken and quinoi and a strawberry cobbler made by an Amish woman.
 We gathered at the table Frank and Dianne gave me (they also gifted the plates) after the flood left me without. David, needless to say, brought a cooler of delicious wine, Bill brought a cooler of beer. We all travel with coolers here, given the lengths of drives and the temps near 100 degrees.
Ping sports the cowboy hat gifted by Frank.
And then all bade Ping adieu. Today we head for Memphis. And Graceland.


Dianne said...

Goodbye, Ping ~ so nice to have met you & we hope to meet again!

Goodbye, Claudia ~ & we will be seeing you again upon your return from Memphis!

Debby said...

I'm glad Changping's visit included hanging out with your Missouri friends. It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. Enjoy your trip to Memphis.

otra rubia said...

That asparagus looks divine. I hope you have fun in Memphis. I ate at Bob's Big Boy when I was there a million years ago visiting Graceland. Very kitschy.