spring is sprung

"Like something a demon would eat"

 When shad roe arrives at Citarella, I know that spring is here, snow or no. Shad, like salmon, travel up rivers to spawn. In the Northeast this happens at about the same time the shad bush blooms, though if the one is named after the other, I have no idea. In any case, the roe is a delicacy only available for a period of weeks in the spring. The author of the recipe I used this year says that the roe sac "looks like something a demon would eat." Yes, it looks icky. But her simple recipe, sauteing with garlic and parsley, is delicious.
The actual eggs are no thing of beauty either.


William Hill said...

Surely you neither wrote this nor cooked that.

Anonymous said...

I could tell right away it was something gross.

Claudia said...

Written, cooked, photographed and gobbled up!