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I don't even want to think about  how many books I have in all my houses. But right here in the living room in  NY I have too many. I have been cleaning and reshelving them for a couple days, sneezing my head off and wondering why I am keeping them.
   My daughter never had a taste for Bomba the Jungle Boy or Robin Hood or the Five Little Peppers or Wind in the Willows. It seems likely that my grandchildren will be more interested in Ricky Ricotta and His Mighty Robot or videos than my antique children's books. But what treasures!
    I also found first editions of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and The Autobiography of Alice. B. Toklas with photographs by Man Ray.
    All of which will wind up in the dumpster if I don't do something with them.
    I do think I will dispense with 1898 complete set of Rudyard Kipling's works, likewise the Dickens set and the Robert Louis Stevenson set. Sigh. People don't like sets any more. They didn't when I acquired these.
  And this is just one bookcase in NY. Any takers? 


Dianne said...

Donate them to the Thomasville Library - they could sure use them!

Ivy said...

Funny, I am just now doing a major job on my bookshelves too. I'm going Maria Kondo on them-- books that don't spark a LOTTA joy are getting the boot.

Claudia said...

It has been my experience that the only books libraries want are the new ones. They sell them in book sales. those that don't sell are trashed. Many of the books I have were library castoffs. I think what the T'vill library wants is money for computers. Not books--those are a dime a dozen!