queen of life

Bobbi Baker Burrows was the Queen of LIFE magazine. The conscience, the historian, the fixer and the heart. She died after a long, terrible illness. It was within days of the death of her best friend from LIFE, Ann Morrell.
A few of us foregathered in the closest restaurant to the Bath House where the memorial event was to be held. (Eleven A, if anyone cares. It was very pleasant.)

The event itself was uge. It gook place at Alyssa Adam's beautiful Bathhouse Studio. Check it out. And buy it if you have $20 million. I was so busy taking pix of the slide show and drinking margueritas and greeting old friends that I failed to take pix of those old friends. Whoops! But it was pretty dark. The picture was made by  Bill Eppridge. Yes, the same fellow that took the picture when Bobby Kennedy was shot. We were visiting "Woodstock" 25 years after the event for a story.

The party put on by Bobbi's husband Russell Burrows and their kids James and Sarah was fabulous in the old Time Inc. fashion. We wept our way through their speeches.

It was a beautiful thing. So many friends. So many good memories. So much history.
I am sorry that I haven't been posting. I have been writing and having Internet issues at the same time (sigh). Verizon dude coming Tuesday. Til then it's Hotspot City.

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