Easter bonnet, Block Island, 2017

Egg hunt, Block Island, 2017
Often, we're in Block Island for Easter. But this year with the holidays (yes, tonight begins Pesach) coming early, the houses aren't opened up yet.
   So the scene is happening in Providence, with egg dying today (below) (am I wrong or do these look like organic vegetable dyes?) and my sister's Pagan Easter celebration in Massachusetts on Sunday. I will noncelebrate in NY.
    I am assuming you know all about rabbits and eggs and fertility and rebirth and Spring, so I won't explain any of that again. Hippety hop!

Eggs, Good Friday, Providence 2018


swampgassy said...

Camilla should have been terrified. I mean, that thing doesn't even look like a rabbit.

Claudia said...

She was terrified. But Isaac loved the giant whatever. Kept wanting to hug it.