up on the roof

 I spend a lot of time on the roof, always, when I am here. I like to look at the Jardin in the distance, at the mountains and the neighborhood—and of course to take my PTH. (Any of you who don't know what this is feel free to inquire.) My other siblings appear to like it as a smoking porch.
  Mon is hanging in, but not happily. Apnea, pain, etc. Changing medications again.
Night blooming cereus, I'm told, though haven't seen it at night.

Have become fond of those unsightly wires. And what is that cupelo, skylight thingy called. For a moment I thought it was a clerestory, but then I looked it up. Must have a name!


CBA said...

Ok, I'll bite.. what is you PTH ?

XX Thanks, by the way, for all the posts. Very scenic and much appreciated as I am always thinking of you.
Leonard Wallace will be 85 on thursday. I wish you could be here to celebrate,

We are planning a parry at Bonar Hall... chez Alex and Betsy Newton. I may resurrect the remote control Tyrannosaurus Rex from Leonard's 70th birthday party.. if it's still working. Where does the time go?

swampgassy said...

I'm flummoxed. What the hell is that thing? (That's a Steve Martin SNL reference there, fyi. Youtube it if you are unfamiliarwith the skit)

--Is the thingy just a gazebo sitting on a rooftop or does it emit light into the room below? Chris didn't know? huh

And PTH means hormone test to me. What to you?

Claudia said...

It's a kind of skylight for the living room with screens. Unable to figure out the right name.
PTH is Prime Tanning Hour in my lexicon, ie between about 11:30 and 12:00 noon.