market day

I have other pix of the market, don't doubt it. But I can't give them all to you at once. Chris and I went up the hill to the Tuesday market yesterday, which is huge. People come from all over to eat and see their neighbors, barter and buy everything from belts to berries to breakfronts. It's pretty great.
   Meanwhile mom had two very bad days with pain in her stomach, confusion, trouble breathing and fear thereof. But last night she had a new med and a great, seven-hour sleep. Today she was with the program and happy until afternoon.


Dianne said...

Great news about your mother--thanks for posting!!

And if you only tan from 11:30-noon, shouldn't that be a PTHH (HALF hour)? hahahah

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

It sounds as if there is relief and then no relief...a strange mix of things...Mexico has that intensity that I love ....so full of life and yet you are surrounded by skeletons, always present the reality of death...probably a good place to experience death if that is possible? Your mother is very fortunate to have such good care and loving children...what a blessing...and yet? she is also dying which can never be easy... I always love your pics of the place...I always love your perspective, your vision...take care