the scene at casa mama

Revisiting the card games of our youth, Chris and Ben and I have been playing 500 rummy, crazy eights, gin rummy and many different kinds of solitaire. 

Max has been moping under mom's bed, but he perked up after his beauty parlor appointment and with attention from Sara, Ben's daughter. She leaves today for LA and work.
Mom is hanging in. He has had two solid nights of sleep—the first in three weeks since she fell. And this morning Rosio managed to feed her a bit of papaya. Rosio has been trying to give her strengthening broths (chicken soup and a corn soup) and water with syringes. She has moments of clarity, especially when each of us arrived to see her. Rosio has been caring for her and also for us, cooking for the masses. 

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Debby said...

I'm glad that your mother is having moments of clarity, and can appreciate her children coming to visit. And it's good that you, Ben and Chris have time to be together again.